The scheme envisages provision for integrated and complete cold chain and preservation infrastructure facilities from production site to market by linking groups of producers and markets well equipped supply chain and cold chain.

Pr–cooling facilities at production sites, reefer vans and mobile cooling units are also assisted under Integrated Cold Chain Projects.

Salient Features
  • Minimal Processing Centre at farm level with facilities for weighing, sorting, grading, packing, pre-cooling, Controlled Atmosphere (CA) / Modified Atmosphere / (MA), Cold Storage, Normal Storage and IQF.
  • Mobile pre–cooling vans, and reefer trucks suitable for transport of non-horticulture produce
  • Distribution hubs with multi product and multi CA / MA chambers cold storage / Variable Humidity Chambers, Packing Facility, CIP Fog Treatment, IQF and blast Freezing.
  • Irradiation Facility

To avail the financial assistance, any two components, from (a), (b) or (c) above will have to be set-up units. Considering the functional nature of the facility, Irradiation facility can be treated as a stand alone one for availing the grant.

Eligible Sectors

The Integrated Cold Chain Value Addition and Preservation Infrastructure Projects pertaining to Non-Horticultural products such as:

  • Dairy – All Milk and Milk Products, etc.
  • Meat – Red Meat, White meat, Beef, Pork, Lamb, Mutton, Poultry, Bovine Meat and their processed products thereof, etc.
  • Agriculture and Marine Products like Seafood, Fish, Prawns and their processed products etc.

Financial Grant
Financial assistance (grant-in-aid) of 50% of total cost of plant & machinery and technical civil works subject to a maximum of Rs.1000.00 Lakhs.

The Food Processing Industry is critical to India’s development as it establishes a vital linkage and synergy between the two pillars of the economy – Industry and Agriculture. Besides latest technology & diversification and new ways of managing and marketing is required by the existing food processing industry to face global competition.

Creation of Infrastructure facilities for running Degree / Diploma Course in food processing technology

To cater to the growing need of the food processing industries for trained manpower (including entrepreneurs, managers, technologists, skilled workers) and also keep abreast with latest technology & diversification and new ways of managing and marketing to face global competition

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