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About Pesticides Division

Since 1975, MAIDC Ltd, started manufacture and distribution of a wide range of pesticides under the brand name 'KRUSHI UDYOG', having a huge portfolio such as Endosulfan, Fenvalerate, Monocrotophos, Dimethoate, Phorate & Copper Oxycloride to name a few and has its presence in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat and some parts of North India like Punjab and Haryana.

MAIDC manufactures and sells pesticides formulated by Maharashtra Insecticides Limited (MIL), Akola a wholly owned Subsidiary Company of MAIDC Limited . MIL has two manufacturing units located at Akola and Lote Parshuram in the district of Ratnagiri.

Apart from manufacturing and selling KRUSHI UDYOG pesticides, trading of pesticides manufactured by other reputed brands which are not formulated by MIL is also undertaken.

The sale of pesticides in Maharashtra is around Rs. 50 Crores, which constitutes the market share of about 20% of the types of pesticides dealt by MAIDC.