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About Us

Agro engineering works Chinchwad is established in 1972 as a Agro Service center. Situated in Chinchwad area 3 k.m. from Chinchwad station on East side. Initially servicing of Agricultural equipments like tractors had done in agro service center at Chinchwad, bullock drawn implements like dawra, Bullock cart has manufactured at Agro service centre Chinchwad and delivered to all over Maharashtra through all regional offices. In 1987-88 one Bulgerian Rotovetor imported by agro engg division for development at research and development center Pachora, all development drawings of krushivetor done at Pachora research and development center and 20 Nos. samples manufactured at agro engg works Chinchwad in 1988-89.20 Nos. manufactured krushivetors sent for testing and trials to different agricultural fields. After successfully trials and testing, production of 146 Nos. of krushivetor done at Agro Engg. Works Chinchwad in 1989-90. Continues production starts on words. .

Types of Krushivetor Models manufactured by us:

  • KS100glB00, KS125glB00, KS150glB00, KS175glB00, KS200glB00

  • KS100gTB00, KS125gTB00, KS150gTB00, KS175gTB00, KS200gTB00

  • MN100GLS00, MS125glB00, MS150glB00, MS175glB00

    As per the demand of farmers and market trend New Multispeed Krushivator developed at Agro Engg. Works Chinchwad in 2013. Samples of 5 Nos. Multispeed Krushivator manufactured and sent it for field trials. After successful trial and testing, we started manufacturing of Multispeed Krushivator in 2013-14.

As per market demand and farmers feedback, new model of krushivator i.e., SKT and mini Model Krushivator developed in year 2015. The production of new model krushivator is started at Agro Engg. Works. we achieved highest target 1445 Nos. krushivator in year 2013-14 In a two shifts.

Godown storing Capacity

Area (Mtr.) Storing Capacity (Nos.)
494 sq. meter 250 Nos.

Land Details

Factory Area 2.42 acre
Office building, Workshops, Testing unit and storeroom. 1466.16 sq. mtr.

Material Sale through Following Regional Offices

Sr.No Regional Office
1 Regional Office Akola
2 Regional Office Amaravati
3 Regional Office Aurangabad
4 Regional Office Chandrapur
5 Regional Office Jalgaon
6 Regional Office Kolhapur
7 Regional Office Nagpur
8 Regional Office Nanded
9 Regional Office Nashik
10 Regional Office Osmanabad
11 Regional Office Pune
12 Regional Office Ratnagiri
13 Regional Office Thane

Agro Engg. Works Chinchwad Employee Details

Sr.No Name of Officers/Employees Designation Mobile No. Email Id.
1 M. N. HANUMANTE Manager 8888842308 aewchinchwad@gmail.com
2 S. K. JADHAV Dy Manager (A/C Admin) 8888842284 aewchinchwad@gmail.com

Production & Dispatched


Production & Dispatches