Managing Director MAIDC,
Krushi Udyog Bhavan, Dinkarrao Desai Marg, Aarey Milk Colony, Goregaon (East), Mumbai - 400065

Dr. Mangesh Gondavale, I.A.S

Managing Director MAIDC

I am delighted to share with you the update on our Company's sterling performance across all operating and financial parameters. Last year I had stated that our Company has succeeded in arresting the downfall of past couple of years and the real financial results of the steps taken will be seen in the coming years. It was my endeavour to take our Company to the status of profit earning Government Company and I report with pride that our Company has not only succeeded in arresting down fall of past but also could dispel the dark clouds which were hovering over our Company over last couple of years and during this year our Company's Profit & Loss Account once again shows a profit. However, it has a long way to go to meet number of challenges lying ahead to restore its past glory.

The strong balance sheet, high level of competency with robust, well-defined systems, loyal and committed staff and our dealers' network is the backbone of our Company. Even With all ups and downs, our Company has emerged into an Organization that provides all quality agri-inputs under one roof through the thick network of over 1800 dealers under one brand 'KRUSHIUDYOG' and enjoys great confidence of farmers.

Agrarian economy of Maharashtra is always under the influence of agro-climatic conditions but in spite of all odds the farmers of Maharashtra have a progressive outlook. They have not only accumulated knowledge but are also aware of recent technical advances and have strong will power and desire to produce maximum and qualitative farm produce. To meet the changing environment and moving beyond selling the traditional inputs and implements our Company has planned for customized and performance linked inputs and implements and this has strengthened our Company.

I assure that Company will continue to put farmer first in all its endeavors and will enlarge its role in the emerging non-regulated market of Agricultural produce, without diluting its focus. I also assure that we rededicate ourselves to the purpose for which the Corporation was established in 1965. Managing Director, MAIDC Limited.