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About Agro Engineering Division

The Agro Engineering Division of Maharashtra Agro Industries Development Corporation Ltd(MAIDC) has been actively involved in promoting modern agricultural implements and machinery to improve farming practices. Here are some key activities and historical developments related tothis division:

  • Early Initiatives (1969-1982): The division initially started by lending tractors and various agricultural machinery and implements to farmers at reasonable rents. This helped farmers access modern equipment for their farming needs.
  • Government Schemes (1982 onwards): Beginning in 1982, the Agro Engineering Division shifted its focus to providing crop protection and other agricultural implements based on the demands of Agricultural Development Officers (ADO) Zilha Parishad under various government schemes. This initiative aimed to support farmers in crop protection and other aspects of agriculture.
  • Rotavator Development (1988-1990): The division played a pivotal role in the development of rotavators. Initially, Bulgarian rotavators were imported until 1988. Subsequently, the division designed a new rotavator, manufactured samples, and conducted field tests between 1988 and 1990. After addressing issues and refining the design, commercial production of the new rotavator began in 1990 at the Chinchwad, Pune facility.
  • Current Activities: The Agro Engineering Division continues to be actively engaged in various agricultural activities, including:
    • Popularizing improved agricultural implements among farmers.
    • Sale of tractors, power tillers, and their accessories.
    • Sale of Krushivators (rotavators) along with spare parts and other agricultural implements.
    • Supplying tractors under social welfare subsidy schemes.
    • Collaborating with Agricultural Universities to manufacture various agricultural implements developed by them.
    • Providing after-sales services during the warranty period.
    • Supporting the development of small-scale industries involved in manufacturing agricultural implements.
    • Conducting Frontline Demonstrations of new agricultural implements and machinery, including combine harvesters, urea briquetting machines, pneumatic seed drills, rotavators (Krushivators), agricultural drones, and power weeders.

The Agro Engineering Division's activities are geared toward modernizing and mechanizing agricultural practices, making advanced farming equipment accessible to farmers, and supporting agricultural innovation and development. These efforts contribute to enhancing agricultural productivity and sustainability in Maharashtra.