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Manufacturing of Pesticides

MAIDC sells pesticides formulated by Maharashtra Insecticides Limited (MIL), a wholly owned Subsidiary Company of MAIDC Limited. MIL formulate all pesticides under brand name KRUSHI UDYOG. MIL has major manufacturing unit located at Akola.

Following products are manufactured:

COC, Malathion, Dimethoate, Quinolphos, Cypermethrin, Fenevelrate, Monocrotophos, Chloropyriphos, Profenophos, Mancozeb, Carbendazim, Metalaxyl, Emamectin Benzoate, Atrazin, Imzethapyr, Glyphosate & Propiconazole.


Sr. No. Emulsifiable Concentrate Soluble Concentrate Wettable Powders Micronutrients Granules
01 Dimethoate 30% Monocrotophos 36% C.O.C. 50% Zinc Sulphate Heptahudrate (Zn-21%) Emamectin Benzoate 5% SG
02 Chloropyriphos 20% Imidacloprid 17.8% Mancozeb 75% Ferrous Sulphate (Fe-19%) Sulphur 90% WDG
03 Quinolphos 25% Glyphosate 41% Carbendazim 50% Mangessium Sulphate (Mg-9.6%) Glyphosate 71%
04 Malathion 50%   Metalaxyl Manganese Sulphate (Mn-30.05%  
05 Cypermethrin 25%   Sulphur 80% WP Boron 10.50%  
06 Fenvalerate 20%   Atrazine 50% Boron 20%  
07 Hexaconazole 5%     Copper Sulphate (Cu-24%)  
08 Propiconazole 25%     Sulphur 90% (Granular)(GST 5%)  
09 Profenophos 50%     Micronutrient Grade - I (Powder Soil Application)  


The raw materials required for manufacturing of technical/formulated pesticides are purchased by E-tender system which is issued during February/March every year. For this, tenders are displayed on our website as well as Advertisements are released in leading newspapers in English as well as Marathi.

Raw Materials:

  • All major technical pesticides required for formulation.
  • All bulk pesticides/Fungicides Traded pesticides/ Weedicides/Fungicides as per Government requirement.
  • Packing materials including tins, aluminum bottles, CRT boxes, HDPE/Pet bottles, Tri-laminated Films, printed labels, etc.
  • Solvents like Aromax, Remax, C-IX, R-IX, and Cyclohexanone.
  • Emulsifiers & intermediates.