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About Us

Fertilizer factory Jalna initially established in 1987 as a private factory name as Himco Fertilizer Ltd. In 2001 MAIDC Ltd had purchase this closed factory through SICOM and started production. Since from 2001 Jalna Factory is in running condition and total production of mixed fertilizer taken up to now is 608107 MT yet. Also total dispatched since from starting to this year is 603054 MT. The manufacturing capacity increase up to 84000 MT/year. Production of four grades permission granted in manufacturing license. These grades are as 18:18:10, 20:20:0, 10:20:20 and 20:10:10. This Jalna Factory mainly supply finished KU mixed fertilizer product to regional offices as Aurangabad, Akola, Nashik and Jalgaon. .

We Manufacture

Krushiudyog Granulated mix fertilizers Populary known as KU 18:18:10 (N:P:K), KU 20:20:00 ( N:P:K )

Year of Production Started


Godown storing Capacity

Godown Area (Mtr) Storing Capacity (MTS)
Raw Material 4398.305 13888.000
Finished Material 1302.21 4112.000

Land Details

The corporation has 50 acres of Agruculture land at Pachora, near railway station. On this site, 5000 sq.ft Office building and Agricultural Equipments Research and Development Center (R&D) has been started in 1983. Earlier in this center farmers of Maharashtra were given information and training on modern machinery and agricultural implements. It is India’s first Rotovator / Krushivator has been Inovated & developed at R&D at Pachora by corporation.

Factory Area 5 Acres
Office building and  Agricultural Equipments Research and Development Center 5 Acre
TOTAL = 10 Acres

Material Sale through Following Regional Offices

Sr.No Regional Office District
1 R.O. Nashik Ahmadnagar.
2 R.O. Aurangabad Aurngabad,Jalna,Beed

Fertilizer Factory, Jalna Employee Details

Sr.No Name of Officers/Employees Designation Mobile No. Email Id.
1 Mr. Sandeep N. Jondhale Manager 8888842399 sandeep.jondhale@gmail.com
2 Mr. Ashok N. Nandeshwar Asstt. Manager ( W/H-Store) 9860357635 ashoknandeshwar27@gmail.com
3 Mr. Shyam D. Deshmukh Asstt. Manager/ Shift Inch. 9970813701 dshyam47@gmail.com

Production & Dispatches


Production (MTS)

Dispatches (MTS)


29730 28035


16856 19006.500


14692 14656.500


14699 14925


16404 11329