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The Fertilizer Division of Maharashtra Agro Industries Development Corporation Ltd (MAIDC) manufactures a range of mixed grade granulated fertilizers under the Krushi Udyog brand. These fertilizers have several salient features that make them beneficial for farmers and agriculture:

  • Manufactured as per Government Standards: The fertilizers are produced in compliance with government standards, ensuring their quality and suitability for agricultural use.
  • Inclusion of Ammoniacal Nitrogen (NH3-N): ** These fertilizers contain ammoniacal nitrogen, which provides essential nutrients to crops during their growth. Nitrogen is a vital component for plant growth and development.
  • Granulated Form: The fertilizers are granulated, meaning they are formed into small granules. This form has several advantages:
    • Granules are less prone to being washed away by water compared to powdered fertilizers, so they remain close to the plant's root zone.
    • Granules stay with the plant, ensuring that the nutrients are available where they are needed for the plant's growth.
    • During periods of low rainfall or when external water sources are unavailable, the decomposition of the fertilizer granules slows down. This property helps in prolonging the availability of nutrients to the plants (longevity).
  • No Chemicals Used for Granulation: Unlike some fertilizers that use chemicals in the granulation process, these fertilizers do not employ chemicals. This approach helps maintain soil fertility by avoiding the introduction of potentially harmful substances and saves on expenses related to chemical inputs. The Fertilizer Division offers a range of products under the Krushi Udyog brand, including:
    • KU 18:18:10
    • KU 20:10:10
    • KU 20:20:00
    • KU SSP (Single Super Phosphate)
    • Bio Fertilizers: Azotobacter, Rhizobium, Phosphate Soluble Bacteria

These products are manufactured in several factories located across Maharashtra, including Rasayani (Raigad District), Pachora (Jalgaon District), Nanded, Wardha, Kolhapur, and Jalna. Additionally, production is outsourced to factories in Amaravati, Rukdi (Kolhapur District), and Kolhapur, allowing for efficient distribution and availability of fertilizers to farmers across the region.

The use of these granulated fertilizers with their nutrient content, granular form, and eco-friendly manufacturing process can contribute to improved crop yields and soil fertility, benefiting farmers and agricultural productivity in Maharashtra.

Capacity of the Fertilizer Manufacturing Plants

Sr. No. Locations Installed Capacity (MT)
1 Rasayani 60,000
2 Pachora 70,000
3 Nanded 70,000
4 Wardha 65,000
5 Kolhapur 30,000
6 Jalna 30,000
Total 3,25,000